Drill Bit Exchange stocks a wide variety of western PDC Cutters for fixed cutter drill bits and underground tools that deliver superior impact and wear resistance. Shearox™ XP cutters are engineered and produced by premier manufacturers located in west, and finished with a final inspection in Central Texas before shipping to our customers.

For downhole tools and bits that require exceptional backup, gauge, updrill, reaming or stabilization applications, the new Shearox™ SP premium PDC cutter is the best value on the market, delivering unsurpassed wear, impact and thermal performance in these applications.

For water well, geothermal, construction, environmental, HDD trenchless and other shallow well applications, we offer DiaDrill™, a PDC cutter offering exceptional value in the marketplace.

DBE offers cutters based upon your needs, specifications, application and project budget. Sizes available are as follows:

  • 0808
  • 1008
  • 1308, 1313
  • 1608, 1613, 1616
  • 1913, 1916

Drill Bit Exchange has built our PDC cutter business on the best quality, customer service and value in the industry. We have thousands of PDC cutters in stock and will ship them to you next day.

*Chamfer sizes and specific tolerances are also available upon request for our premium lineup. For flux, diamond and carbide burrs and brazing supplies for cutters, please call us for pricing.