Drill Bit Exchange offers a variety of services for to extend the useful life of your PDC Cutters.

PDC Resizing and Refinishing – DBE Resizing services can give new life to your used or damaged cutters. By resizing the cutter down to the next diameter size (i.e. 1613 to 1308), your cutters will be returned to you completely reworked, looking like new and ready to drill again. We also offer several refinishing services for our customers– custom chamfers, lapping diamond tables to a mirror finish, and height reduction.

PDC Gauge Cutters — In addition to resizing and refinishing cutters, DBE will take your existing cutters that have been chipped or damaged and convert them into gauge cutters. This process produces gauge cutters that will be ground to your specs, and will reduce the wear on diamond wheels from OD grinding.

PDC Cutter Debraze, Cleaning, Inspection – DBE will debraze your PDC cutters from your used bits, returning them to you “as is” for your inspection, or returning them re-qualified to you, having undergone full inspection for thermal damage or fractures to the diamond table.

Please call us for more details.